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why reinvention?

It's where your next success begins.

Our lives take many twists and turns. We deal with loss, disappointment, tragedy and change but often don’t realize within every twist and turn lies an opportunity to reinvent your life.

Darron has become an expert in reinvention not because he wanted to, but because he had too! Through his experiences he realized that many of us may not recognize the rich possibilities in front of us. Darron guides you in applying the reinvention techniques he has used to help himself and others. He creates excitement and tons of anticipation in revealing how to find the path to your next beginning.

Reinvention is a powerful message. It is the art of innovating where you are and taking dynamic next steps. Darron leaves audiences with actionable tools to discover opportunities and grow from there.

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see what people are saying about darron

“Darron’s charisma, sense of humor and ability to engage the crowd at the various events we have used him for is outstanding!! He has a way of reaching anyone and everyone!!”

Deidre Anderson
United Inner City Services

“Although I have heard Darron speak on many occasions, each time is like the first time. His content coupled with his expressions and emphasis always confirm that human services is where I am truly called to serve.”

Gary Dumas
The Dumas Company

“Darron’s personality is as dynamic as he is. For the last 20 years, Darron has lived his dream out loud, some days reinventing himself and some days helping others. I am excited he is following the path God has provided him and to share his gift with others.”

Lori Baerg
Marketing Practice Leader
Entrepreneur 2 Enterprise

“Darron’s work truly speaks for itself. His ability to capture the depth and breadth of the message in his content is a gift! Our organization had the pleasure of working with Darron during our summer internship program with nearly 80 young professionals from three cities. His session was tremendously engaging and really dived into the importance of the changing aspects of industry and the intersection of self and culture. Not only does he have a tenured and interesting career history he possesses the rare ability to describe the key points in the form of an understandable and charismatic story that creates a sense of belonging. Several of the participants lauded Darron’s ability to bring relevant, relatable learning to them in a way they were able to immediately take action towards. Overwhelming response and requests to have Darron come back with additional content came from our participants and we look forward to a long partnership with Mr. Story. ”

Ghadeer M. Garcia
Executive Director
The Brand Lab

“Darron is an affable, unassuming orator who is a master at disarming an audience with his quick wit and self-effacing humor.”
Pastor Nicole Richardson
South Broadland Presbyterian Church

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Darron shares his love of reinvention and how to embrace failure in the process of discovery. He has developed highly effective sales and fundraising skills which enabled him to support both his own projects and nonprofit organizations. These topics form the foundation for the messages he conveys to his audiences today. Check out these links to learn more about some of Darron's most popular keynote     and training    topics.    

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Darron is great to work with. He shares with people by looking at life experiences in a way that creates forward momentum. He will serve your organization and help you reach your goals.

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